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Banned Memories: Yamanashi

Banned Memories: Yamanashi Free Download will send you to Yamanashi Academy. Banned Memories: Yamanashi, a horror place where some teachers died along with their students.

Banned Memories: Yamanashi will not be a normal game. This seems to be a real story about the Yamanashi Academy.

This used to be where some teachers kill their students and then kill themselves. People believe that the souls of the four teachers are still somewhere in this academy.

Hideo will be the name of your character, and your job will be to explore this place. If lucky, you can find something that deals with this place and make it out alive.

Banned Memories: Yamanashi:

Hideo is involved in this because he thinks that he relates to what happened here. Somehow in his dream, the four teachers come to him and ask for help.

The truth about this place is still under cover, and no one can solve it except you. During the game, you will meet some truth and some lies.

But these horror games will never let you win without trying. Put your head into this game to win the challenge.

Banned Memories: Yamanashi Download: You can download this version free online from our page. The next version will come with some more interesting truth!


Author: Noah Pauw @GamingEngineerFree

Banned Memories: Yamanashi Download

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