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Coffy’s: Enhanced

Coffy’s: Enhanced Free Download will come with new features. And these features will allow you to know better about Coffy’s: Enhanced story. The truth one!

Coffy’s: Enhanced will be on the main page. That will be where we put all our fun games and update.

Coffy’s: Enhanced will have:

New leaderboard:

This will be where you can follow how many scores you have. And that will be where you can have some unique reward at the end of the week. They will make you stronger and have more fun.

Some new cutscenes:

You shall need them when you begin a new night in this game. They will allow you to see what will happen the next night. Don’t miss one of them because you can have a bigger chance to win from them.

Instruction gameplay:

That will be new, and we think you will need them for your gameplay. The instruction will allow you to get used to the game. And there may be some new things you can learn from this game too.

Coffy’s: Enhanced download: This will be fun and free for you. The game also comes in English and Portuguese versions. You can pick one of two languages and play your game.


Author: The Raffler @15Raffler

Coffy’s: Enhanced Download

Coffy's Enhanced

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