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Consternation 2

Consternation 2 Free Download will allow you to solve a case of missing. But you will not be an officer or detective. Consternation 2 allows you to be the photographer.

Consternation 2 is not a normal horror game. In this game, you need to work on missing. And this missing will relate to a woman.

She is a tall one with a nice-looking face. She came to Maine last month and had been missing since then. No one can find out why she is missing, but the rumors keep expanding.

Consternation 2

You and your friend have been planning to help the police find out what really happened with that woman. And now you are here, holding a flashlight and a cam.

Whatever happens on this night, you shall be the hero. And if you are lucky, you can also find what happened to that woman and solve this case.

This is not an easy job, so make sure you have all the skills and repair your mind. Things can get very worse!

Consternation 2 Download

The horror games page will give you this one for free. Along with it will be some new challenges and missions for you. Have fun!


Author: CrackedGhostGames @realCGG

Consternation 2 Download

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