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Dark Fracture

Dark Fracture Free Download will be about your adventure with Edward. This adventure will last as long as you live. Dark Fracture is free for your download!

Dark Fracture is a world of horror creatures. In this world, you will need to fight if you want to live. And there will be no way for you to stay alive if the secrets of this place are still away from your hands.

All you need to do in this game will be to find out what happened to your friend. And you can be one of them if you don’t put your best effort into this one.

Dark Fracture:

This game will lead you to a dead land. There will be no people here. All we have for you will be monsters and demons.

You can play this game only in the first-person view. The gameplay will be scary for you when you meet a monster. They will hunt you down and make you regret entering this place.

Dark Fracture Download

We will bring you more horror games. This is one of the best games we have for horror lovers. H.R. Giger will be the one who gives you fear and nightmare. So join and fight!


Author: Twisted II Studio @DarkFracture

Dark Fracture Download

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