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Do You Copy?

Do You Copy? Free Download will send you to a wooden house. And this will be where you start to find out what happens to others. Do You Copy? People.

Do You Copy? is what we call a new horror game style. There will be a lot of things you need to do to complete the game. The first thing will be to allow yourself to find out all the truth about this horror house.

This house used to be where people hid under bad weather. They have a good time and eat delicious food. But it seems like something happened here, and no one made it out alive.

Do You Copy?

You will spend your time working with some tools. There will be some of them that need to be fixed before you can use them.

All you need to do to complete this game level will be to find out its truth. Things hidden in the room, find them, and you shall win.

Do You Copy? game download:

You can download this free version for PC. Other horror games will be updated soon on the main page. We hope you can find the suitable game for your hobbies.

Author: Space Octopus StudiosĀ @SpaceOctopusStudios

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Do You Copy? - Windows 64bit
Do You Copy? - Mac Version
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