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DustTale: Last Genocide

DustTale: Last Genocide Free Download offers a strange perspective on Sans. You will have the most exciting moments and the most incredible battles.

DustTale: Last Genocide brings a new and beautiful storyline.

Sans decided to take down the humans because of hundreds of genocides. Sans uses LOVE’s power to start a new Massacre.

Sans encounters a mysterious door, and Sans remembers the most painful memories.

Download the game and get ready for the final chapter of the game!

An overview of the game

DustTale: Last Genocide is a product of Experiment121. The game is about 75MB in size, and you can download the game for free right here.

Get ready for the most exciting!


DustTale: Last Genocide Download has many new features, including:

  • The game has many familiar characters, including: Sans, Papyrus, Chara, Frisk. Each character offers unique experiences, and you should be ready for the most exciting situations.
  • You’ll love Phase 4 with the arrival of Sans. This match is tough and fierce.
  • You can download games on game jolt, and it’s all safe.
  • You will face Sans in the fiercest Genocide!


In short, the game offers a new journey and ending for Sans. Check out Fan games and enjoy the new journey!


Author: Experiment121 @Experiment121

DustTale: Last Genocide Download

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