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Dusttale Free Download is a horror and adventure game. There will be more fun for you to take from this Dusttale  version than the other one. Unique horror nightmare!

Dusttale will bring you back to the original game of Undertale. The game will ask you to have a journey to the underworld. And in that world, you will need to fight to have your soul back. Some demons have tricked you and captured your soul for its own.

Chara will be the one who stays side by side with you in this game. With the help of this character, you will soon win the battle of your life.

Dusttale – The underworld

There are many ways for you to win this game. And one of the best ways will be to fight with the monster. Fan games will help you with that one.

The way you fight will be like this:

  • At first, the monster will lead you to a battle. And in this battle, you will face them.
  • You need to use the mini-game below the monsters to fight with it. Each mini-game you win will be an attack you land on the monsters.
  • Listening to music will be a good way to know when to attack and when to back down.

Dusttale Download is free!


Author: Evan Streblow @EvanStreblow

Dusttale Download

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