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Empty Soul

Empty Soul Free Download will show you a list of new features added to this version. And Empty Soul will become the best horror game for players who like 2D style.

Empty Soul has a lot of things for you to learn and play. The first thing will be the story of this game. You can read it in the first gameplay, but you will need the whole adventure to understand it.

Empty Soul

This version of the game will come in 2D style. And the effect when you contact the game has been improved a lot.

New control system:

There will be a new style for you to control your game. And this will come from the other horror-style adventure games.


During your game, there will be a trophy and award you can have from the story. Each one of them will help you come slower to the winning point.

Puzzles and mini-game:

That will be a part of this one, and there will be more of them for you from the Horror Games page.

Empty Soul Download:

The download will be simple, and you can have this one for free. Download it now and enjoy the journey of the horror story.


Author: ClorithStudio @clorithstudio

Empty Soul Download

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