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Godzilla Creepypasta

Godzilla Creepypasta Free Download offers a bizarre and haunting story. You will have to face powerful supernatural forces and a series of exciting challenges.

Godzilla Creepypasta brings an exciting and highly wonderful story. The Game is suitable for anyone because of its mild violence.

Download the game and get ready for a new super monster adventure!

An overview of the Game

Godzilla Creepypasta belongs to IuriNery. The Game is about 30MB in size. The Game was officially released in June 2017.

You can download the Game for free right here or on gamejolt. All files are user-friendly, safe and fast.

Check out the awesomeness of the Game below!


Godzilla Creepypasta Download has many new features including:

  • The Game is suitable for most PCs today. The Game has the required configuration, including Windows 7 +, and DirectX 11 + Shader.
  • The Game is based on the horror and mystery stories of CosbyDaf.
  • The Game is influenced by the gameplay of the NES version of Monster of Monsters.
  • The Game has some improvements, including Fixed 60 FPS, Shader, Experience Bar, Colored Power Bar (Blue), Jukebox, Bestiary, and many more.


In short, the Game is an excellent combination between the story of CosbyDaf and the gameplay of Monster of Monsters.

Check out Fan games and start the new super dinosaur journey!


Author: IuriNery @IuriNery

Godzilla Creepypasta Download

Download on Gamejolt

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