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HorrorVale Free Download is a horror game. And this game will be more fun when you turn the sound up to maximum. HorrorVale will surprise you with the game feature.

HorrorVale will be that game you can play with your friend. There will be no one who can help you with the battle of your game. But the instruction may be a good way for you to know better about winning the game.


This game will be about Alice and the journey to find her dog. One dark day, her pet was kidnapped by some monster. And it seems like they will not give the dog back if they don’t come to them.

There will be a lot of challenges on her way. But with the help of this game, you will soon help Alice win her dog back.

The NPCs and characters in this game will come in cards. And each card will have its parameter. It would help if you based that on picking the right card for your game.

HorrorVale Download

There will be many more horror games free for you. This is one of the best mini-games we can give you. The download is now open.


Author: BatWorks Software @BatWorks

HorrorVale Download

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