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Minotaur Free Download is a horror game, and this game will be trapped inside an apartment. Your job in Minotaur will be to find a way to escape from this scary place.

Minotaur will send you to a place where you have to spend most of your time there. That will be where you find out the truth about the world you are living in. And Ollie will be the only one who can help you with this game.

This is an AI robot, and it will show you what you need to do to have your freedom. There will be nine characters for you to make your choice. This game also comes with multi endings. You can meet them all in one single gameplay.


This version of the game is about clicking and winning. There will be mini-challenges for you during the game.

Players need to stay with the AI that Ollie gives them. This is the only help you can get from the game.

This one will take you about a few hours to complete all the gameplay.

Minotaur Download:

You can download this game for PC and mobile. More horror games like this will be uploaded for the main page. Download and enjoy!


Author: u7committee @u7committee

Minotaur Download

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