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Oblitus Casa

Oblitus Casa, which is located in a circus room, has been renovated. And there will be more intriguing stuff to view in this game.

About Oblitus Casa

Oblitus Casa is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of terror for inexperienced players. This game’s new feature will be incredibly unique and intriguing to you. The characters in the narrative will arrive in turn to provide you with severe tasks.

You will be able to play in nine distinct modes in this Oblitus Casa free download. Each mode will teach you something new about the game. New machines, monsters, tales, and features have been added. This game will provide you with 7 animals. Each will provide you with a distinct frightening experience. There will be no more of these beasts.

You may put your talents to the test in Hard mode. This FNAF patch will introduce new challenges and experiences. You will be awarded an additional night if you fulfill all of the objectives before the last night.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a unique blend of the video game and the elements from the horror film. If you are a lover of scary phenomena, you should not disregard this mod since you may uncover many intriguing things in your favorite game with a different version.


by: Radiance Team  @RadianceGamesOfficial

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