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OverNight – A FREE ROAM

OverNight – A FREE ROAM Free Download will have something you need to know. And these things will help you to know better about this FNaF fangame. A horror game!

OverNight – A FREE ROAM has some details that have been added from the next update. And there will be more for you to download to have your fun better.

OverNight – A FREE ROAM

In this game, there will be some machines that have been abandoned for a long time. And you are the one who has been hired to keep them safe.

This restaurant will start their business one more time. There will be more money for you if you find and fix all the machines they have here.

The only thing you need to know is that this place will ask you to have a full week job. You can not get back home until you finish all five nights.

FNaF fangame tips:

  • Collect all the clues you see in this game. These clues will help you to master and win your battle against the machines.
  • Learn anything you can about Foxy, Freddy, Bonnie, and also Chica. They will be your enemy soon.
  • Downloading updates will help your game become better.


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