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Rejected Custom Night 2

Rejected Custom Night 2 Free Download will be more fun when you play the online mode with it. Ultimate Custom Night can bring you monsters and some unique machines.

Rejected Custom Night 2 is ready for you. Everything we have in this mode will make your world become amazing to stay in.

Come closer and see what this game can bring to your place. RCN2 will be your biggest nightmare ever.

Rejected Custom Night 2

  • There will be 50 machines for you to pick. And each one of them will send you the biggest fear you can have. Don’t ever turn your back on them, they will kill you instantly!
  • The level of this game will come from 1 to 20. And this level will also change the AI of each monster. You will need to try harder if you want to win the machines.
  • Cutscenes will be free in this game and you can watch them at the beginning of each night. They will show you how to win the night too!
  • Ultimate Custom Night brings you some office skins that you can unlock and have fun with it.
  • There will be a function that allows you to download this game for free. Join and follow us to have that one!


Author: KamilFirma @KamilFirma

Rejected Custom Night 2 Download


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