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Saiko no sutoka

Saiko no sutoka Free Download is a horror journey. And in this journey you will need to run away from Saiko. Saiko no sutoka will teach you how to stay away from a killer.

Saiko no sutoka is ready for your download. There will be no one who can help you to win this game but yourself.

The Player will meet Saiko, this girl is a demon, or maybe she is the daughter of a demon. She hides in an old school and waits for people to come to this place.

So why do so many people want to come to this place? That was because of the rumor about the existence of Saiko. No one believes her is real, and when they meet her, there will be no way back.

Saiko no sutoka

In this game, you will need to run and stay away from Saiko. She will find you wherever you are and take your life away from your hand.

There will be some items you can use to fight with her. Collect them fast because she is coming for you.

Saiko no sutoka Download

This will be a scary game for players who are in the dark. These kinds of horror games will be free for you to try!


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Saiko no sutoka Download
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