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Simulacrum – Chapter One

Simulacrum – Chapter One Free Download will send you to the nightmare of Abigail. And you will be the one who helps her solve this Simulacrum – Chapter One challenge.

Simulacrum – Chapter One Download is free for you to play. This game will send you to a horror place. This will be where you try to stay alive and walk through all the challenges of the game.

Simulacrum – Chapter One

Abigail will be the name of your character, and you need to play to help her stay alive. There will be some monsters trying to kill her before she can escape from this place.

The game also allows you to have some items for your fight. Each one of them will be hidden in the house where you stay at night.

This game also has the playstyle like the other games, such as Silent Hill. You will need to fight with monsters and kill them if you can. Or they will soon come for your head.

Simulacrum – Chapter One Download

There will be more games like this one if you visit the main horror games page. Download updates from this page so your game can be more fun. Players can play this game on PC only.


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Simulacrum – Chapter One Download

Simulacrum - Chapter One

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