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The Happyhills Homicide

The Happyhills Homicide Free Download is a horror game for your PC. And you can be a slasher in this The Happyhills Homicide game. Kill your way to victory!

The Happyhills Homicide Download will allow you to become the killer. And your job in this game will be to kill all the people who try to stay here in your town.

There will be no one, but you can kill them and make them pay to enter your house without permission. There will be 10 levels for you to try in this game. And the first one will come with a small part of the story.

The Happyhills Homicide:

This one has two modes for you to try. Each mode will bring you a unique task and mission to complete. Professionals have standard will be these two modes.

It would be best if you killed all the people here in your town. And don’t let them have a tiny chance to fight back.

There will be more levels and modes for you to try in the future. Download updates to own them!

The Happyhills Homicide Download

Horror games are free from our page. You can now download this one for your PC. Read the story before starting this game!


Author: CopperboltĀ @copperbolt

The Happyhills Homicide Download

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