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Who I See

Who I See Free Download will send you to another horror room. And that room will make you feel so scared that you can even know what the Who I See game is about.

Who I See is a horror game, and this game will send you room. There will be a ton of room for you to explore in this game. Each room will contain some things such as NPCs, monsters, clues, and objects.

Who I See mission:

Your job in this game will be to pick the room you want and then explore it. There will be some time, you pick the wrong one and run into a murder.

In that case, you need to fight if you want to stay alive to walk out that door. You need to use the item that the game gives you to make it out alive.

Some NPCs in the game can give you the clues you need to solve this game. But talking with them will take a lot of knowledge. Learn them from the story!

Who I See Download

Horror games are free from our page. You can now download which game you want. We will send you to update support later.


Author: ChillingCircuits @ChillingCircuits

Who I See Download

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